Digital Nomad in Cyprus: That’s what you need to know to spend a great time both for work and pleasure.

22. January 2024    
14:00 - 15:00
Speaker: Wolfgang Eppenschwandtner, Burcu Öztürk-Eppenschwandtner

Cyprus, both the northern and southern part of the island, is a desirable destination for digital workers, offering a Mediterranean atmosphere, stunning beaches, beautiful nature, a high level of safety, and an affordable cost of living. It is also an attractive option for those looking to escape the 90-in-180-day rule in the Schengen area and Turkey, as Cyprus has a different visa regime on both the north and south sides.

This course provides an introduction to what you need to know before choosing Cyprus as your next work destination. It covers visa regulations and legal considerations, offers a comparison of different regions and cities, highlights the key differences between the North and South of the divided island, explains how to find accommodation provides information on internet speeds and reliability.

While the course covers all the basics, it also acknowledges the challenges you may face when moving to Cyprus. As residents of Cyprus, the course instructors are happy to share their first-hand experiences, including the cost of living, practical challenges in daily life, and the best leisure activities.